Course Mentoring

A course mentor actively communicates with the students, guides the students build their self-esteem and confidence, pushes the students to achieve their goals, and offers stability and positive reinforcement to the students.

Who is a course mentor?

A course mentor is an experienced and thoughtful expert who is committed to assist in the growth and development of students. The course mentor is willing to share knowledge, experience, and skill, and act as a guide.

A course mentor supports and encourages the development of students and provides active guidance to assist them achieve their goals. The course mentor offers a fresh perspective and point of view, while guiding a process that enhances the growth and educational development of students.

What does a course mentor do?

Acknowledging that each mentoring relationship is unique, the course mentors will:

  • Motivate and enhance confidence each time they communicate with students
  • Ask open-ended “how” and “what” questions with students
  • Challenge and encourage students depending on what the situation requires
  • Offer opportunities to solve problems and exchange ideas
  • Provide feedback that is honest, open and positive 
  • Take a genuine interest in students success 
  • Present opportunities to students that may not have recognized on their own
  • Provide suggestions that make students reach their goals
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